InfonetGroup (registered trade name in the Professional Champer of Thessaloniki) was established in 2004. It is consisted of members who have advanced perceptions and and their purpose is to provide services in the field of websites creation and the online application development. On top of that, we present companies, their products/services by using contemporary electronic media, like the Internet, e-mail, cell phone and more others.

We utilize the contemporary digital media so as your company will exist in modern electronic world.

We are strongly developed in the market field and members with great experience and technical knowledge support us. We have also great experience on open source softwares, which are expanded by global computer programmers and are delivered without a license needed.


Sectors of InfonetGroup Activities

Web Design: We provide you with high quality web designs and web hosting. We design not only personal web pages, but also web applications in order to advertise your business and help increase your sales by creating handy and reliable e-shops.

Social Media: We undertake to design and develop your personal or your company's website in all Social Networks and also advertise them (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, tumblr e.c)

Web Marketing: We provide web marketing services which correspond to online advertising needs.

Search Engine Marketing: We can advertise your website in the Internet through the most famous search engines.

Μαζική Αποστολή e-mail: Αποστολή μαζικών μηνυμάτων ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου Εύκολα - Γρήγορα - Χαμηλό Κόστος - Αξιόπιστα.

Μαζική Αποστολή S.M.S: We send mass e-mails quickly, easily and with low prices.

Υποδομές: Infrastructures: Our company is located in Thessaloniki (Evosmos) at 13A Smirnis street. We use advanced ways of technology and the software needed in order to develop our work.



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