We develop the online shops which are able to help people from all over the world communicate with you and give them the opportunity to see your products and services. E- business era exists,and the media which make the best of it are available.

With an e-commerce system you can administrate your products online, you can present them in an attractive way and you can accept online orders. Furthermore, you can approach the public which in other cases wouldn't be possible.

This shop concerns your e-shop's construction, which in fact helps you solve your problems and gives your business the chance to be developed in the global market and overall it will increase your company's sales.

The I.G e-shop solution is the most ideal for a business which needs a wholesale sop(B2B), a retail shop(B2C) or both(B2B & B2C). The setting is easy for the client, the visitor and for the administrator to make use of.

  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Possibility of connection with the most popular crm (Singular- Megasoft)
  • Possibility of mass product update with an immediate and easy way
  • Search engine for all products
  • Shopping basket
  • Registration form in the shop
  • Advertising the most popular products
  • Advertising the suggested products- offers
  • Complete presentation of the products (name, password, features, pictures, price)
  • Μany ways for orders repayment (collect on delivery, bank deposit, credit card).
  • Simply and user friendly administrator (addition, detraction, changing products, texts, pictures, prices)
  • Multilingual e-shop
  • Completed statistics for the shop (orders, costumers, traffic)
  • It automatically informs every merchant about each exchange with e-mail
  • It automatically sends confirming e-mails to the client
  • It memorizes client's information and the merchant can review the client's information
  • Orders - Sales management
  • Pages of company profile
  • Contact form
  • Show shopping cart in every page.
  • You can empty your shopping cart
  • There is a special news category where you can enter news and also administrate them.
  • You can deal with the access rights. There is also the possibility of differentiating every client's level process ( wholesale, retail) to the e-shop's information by using passwords and Username.
  • The e-shop is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • Immediate support is provided to every merchant by e-mail service or telephone(your call will be answered on working days and hours).
  • The e-shop's clients can be advertised and administrated.
  • You can search for a client by his surname, by his VAT number or by his e-mail.
  • You can estimate the value of how much the transportation will cost depending on your location, or the amount of order.
  • View history: you can view your previous orders.
  • You can send a reminder e-mail to your members with the password.
  • New products department available
  • Unlimited visitors number
  • Distant e-mail administration(web mail)
  • Statistics 24 hours a day, 365 days per year available
  • Your e-shop is advertised in search engines.


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